Serial Number: 1005700UP

Equipped with a powerful Perkins engine, this JCB 532-120 9.14t machine can provide 74.6kW or 100 horse power for the telehandler. The JCB 532-120 telehandler is categorized in the medium sized machine segment in the telehandlers category. The model’s dimensions are 5.84m x 2.35m x 2.59m. 15.5-25 is the size of standard tyres equipped on this JCB 532-120 telehandler. The Telehandler 532-120 JCB is designed to travel at a top speed of 20/32km/h. It can operate with up to 8m of horizontal reach. 3.2t is its maximum nominal load capacity with a 500mm center of gravity. The JCB 532-120 telehandler has a lift height of 12m, to which it can lift 3.2t. The JCB 532-120 telehandler can operate up to 1.25t at full forward reach. Size (L x W x H) is 5.84m x 2.36m x 2.59m.

AOverall height2.59m
BOverall width2.35m
CInside width of cab0.94m
DFront Track1.90m
FOverall Length of front tyres4.83m
GOverall Length of front carriage5.84m
HGround Clearance0.4m
Overall Length of front tyres2.73m
Overall length to stabilizers5.39m
Outside turn radius5.42m
Outside turn radius4.0m
Departure angle35”