What is a Telehandler Forklift?

Telehandler is also name as telescopic handler, telescopic forklift, teleporter and telelifter, reach forklift or boom lift. It is similar to a forklift but has a boom, which makes it more like a crane than a forklift. They are equipped with a telescopic boom that can provide lifting heights up to 50 feet or more. As it has a unique combination characteristic between a forklift and crane, thus this is a machine widely used in agriculture sector and favorable in construction industry. Major advantage by using Telehandler as it comes with heavy duty four wheel drive that can sustain any steep terrain. Notwithstanding, telelifter able to hoist heavy handling material to any inaccessible areas due to height issue.

How To Check Telehandler Condition

It is essential to perform pre-operational checks to identify damage, prevent accidents and to ensure the Telehandler is safe to use before operating any Telehandler

Visual checks:

  • Tyres (check for wear, splitting and pressures)
  • Condition of the lights and lenses
  • Condition of the gauges
  • Obvious signs of damage to the body and overhead guards
  • Obvious signs of damage to the mast, lifting assembly and attachments
  • Forklift tyres and backrest for cracks and fractures
  • Hydraulic hose, unions, cylinders for leaks or damage
  • Underneath the forklift for fuel or oil leaks

Physical checks:

  • LPG bottle for leaks and security
  • Battery connections
  • Security of the fitting of attachments
  • Thickness and condition of the tyres / Tyre Pressures and Condition
  • Start Engine – Check for unusual noises / fan guard security
  • Listen for and strange noises
  • Steering Operation
  • Check Bucket Operation / Security
  • Check Lift Arm Safety lock Out Levers

Check of liquid Levels:

  • Hydraulics Oil Level
  • Transmission Oil Level
  • Axles oil levels
  • Brake fluid
  • Engine oil coolant
  • Battery
  • Fuel

Some important points need to take extra care with are:

  • Checking the data plate for capacities (safe working load)
  • Load center
  • Mast full height (MFH)
  • JCB Telehandler

JCB has been pioneering the telehandler concept since 1977. Since then, JCB remained the world’s leading brand. The JCB telehandler range has come to epitomize the very highest levels of performance and productivity. Not only that, but the JCB telescopic handler lineup is one of the most extensive offered, with competitive run costs, world-class build quality, enviable versatility and top residual values.

JCB telehandler range is over 30-strong, from compact models for accessing restricted sites to a 4.1-ton payload, 55 ft 9 in (17m) lift height machines. There’s a wide range of compactible attachments for these versatile machines.

Part of the reason that the JCB telehandler has stayed ahead of the competition is our continued commitment to innovation. Most JCB telescopic handlers feature our world-renowned EcoMax engine while all are designed for ultimate maneuverability and feature 3 steer modes. There are specialty application packages too, like our Wastemaster range.

So when it comes to choosing a telehandler, there’s really no other brands as compare to JCB!